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Update by user Jun 01

I have had dozens of folks contact me about this company after posting my review. It shows that I am not the only person/family whose life was affected by hiring them.

I have had an interview with an investigative news team. They, too, will be following up.

PLEASE be careful who you hire. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYUdMT3FjlU

Original review posted by user Jan 05

I have meticulously read through all of the reviews and can say that I have had the exact same problem as all others. I DIDN'T read these BEFORE my move because MY mover...ARROW-MOVING (TRUCKING) company is who I actually hired...swore up , down and sideways that they were NOT brokering out my move.

That my move would be on two 26', DEDICATED to my move, trucks. Joseph said I could write my name on tape across the doors and the same two trucks would show up at delivery. WRONG WRONG WRONG!!! I didn't know my things had been transferred to a semi until I called days later and found out my things were sitting in a warehouse in Vegas waiting for another household to load onto my semi.

I ended up having THREE other homes on my truck. The damages were countless. They stole every one of my husbands crow bars, his refrigerator dolly, his flat four wheel dolly and countless tools. We were told by one of our actual movers that the warehouse in Vegas is a free for all for their employees to "shop" from your items.

He said they are all on camera but nobody cares to watch. So all of you who have had similar problems..well all of you...the thing to do is to complain to DOT using their DOT number..2091682 fmcsa.dot.gov/protect-yo…. I was told this is the only place that will hit them in the heart. Also complain to Consumer Affairs.

consumeraffairs.nv.gov/A… and of COURSE BBB!!! We all need to rally to shut this piece of crap, dishonest, deceitful company down. Now a lesson for you newbies: KNOW that the Salesperson is selling you a move. They will then contract your move to (Broker it) a company such as these liars.

Executive. BE POSITIVE the company you hire is the company who shows up.how could I know Executive was this bad since I had NO IDEA I had hired them..because I didn't! So find out who is actually moving you! My salesperson, JOE M (JUNIOR) probably doesn't exist.

(Alias) He bad mouthed another company called Revolution Moving Systems after I talked with their sales rep, a girl who called herself SARAH. WOW, just wow...after going back and forth between Joseph and Sarah trying to decide which company to go with, Joseph was the "better talker" and won my business. This only happened because when I blocked Sarah from calling me, she called me from her daughters cell phone (JADE) and when I looked that number up on Facebook what do I find? Sarah and Desiree are one and the same!!!!

Desiree is a person who had MANY bad reviews with Revolution Moving Systems so I am now thinking she has an alias! So, bottom line folks, the salespeople at the company you thought you hired talk a good game and simply SELL, pulling your heart stings and getting into your personal life. They RELATE to you, reeling you in. Talk about your family all while laughing at you behind your back.

Promises never kept. When it is all over and you are ready to put a bullet in your brain, they conveniently disappear off the face of the earth. If any of you have dealt with a Joseph M, know him or know where I can find him..I would happily fly to Vegas to deal with him face to face. He related to me about my older mom who I was taking care of, my four dogs I rescued, all the stresses of life I was going through...took the whole thing personal while he LIED about everything.

Top it off, he has over 20 phone numbers but now he can't be reached at any of them. Here are some...and you will find that all of the customer service people...Tiffany, Karen, Jessica, Kassie and Kayla (THE MANAGER) all sit in the same little office and not ONE of them knows who Joseph is???HE booked my move with them so how could they not!? They are all very good at what they do..LIE! .

Here are loads of numbers to avoid! On my Arrow invoice 972-200-5508 (my original contact) 855-330-6683 Executive Invoice and inventory sheets 972-200-4278 503-757-0611 972-200-5500 951-977-4862 972-200-5508 972-200-4341 (Tom?..Josephs Supervisor..no more contact from him either) 702-577-7575 386-569-0009 (on BBB) 972-200-5526 702-331-4224 Customer Service at Executive 702-331-4281 Customer Service Jessica and Tiffany 386-569-0009 On BBB for Arrow-Moving email for joe@arrow-moving.com gets no response 702-947-0550 Sarah at Revolution...or is this Desiree? lol on Desiree Miller's FB page it says she works for WEST COAST MOVERS..she SAYS she didnt know this and will "look into it." (this is really Sarah as verified by her FB photo and a business person who knows her and said she is a liar. 877-939-7333 WEST COAST MOVERS directly from Desiree's FB page So, I have done a lot of research and will NOT stop.

This is scandulous and puts so many good people through so much heartache. PLEASE message me and jump on my bandwagon if you want to try to all get together and actually DO something. All the negative reviews .only encourage them to disappear and close down, then to reopen under another name doing the same thing. UPDATE ..we are DAILY opening boxes to find everything damaged, borken, shattered or STOLEN.

NOT missing. STOLEN..AMMUNITION, dollies, fishing poles, exepensive regulators, tools, weights. Too much damage to even mention.

Please do your due diligence and look at all reviews before you decide to use them! Check out link to Yelp reviews below

Review about: Executive Moving And Storage Long Distance Moving Service.

Reason of review: Unfulfilled promises. Breach of contract in late pick up and offloading without permission.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: FULL refund for STOLEN items and reimbursement for expenses from them being three days late on pick up (BREACH) of $1500 I had to pay new owners!.

I didn't like: Executive was brokered for my move i did not hire them.

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That's very horrible that you were angry and insane at the time.


That's so horrible.

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